The Medic class will see some format and play changes in Battlefield 1. Now that the community at large is slowly getting hands-on with the game, some great videos are emerging.

YouTuber Westie put together the seven minute clip you see at the head of this post. He details what the new Medic class in Battlefield 1 has to offer and fills in the gaps with his own opinions.

The general gist is this:

  • Medics will have both a large and small medkits
  • Large medkits provide a close area of effect heal over time
  • Small medkits can be tossed at friendlies and heal them instantly
  • Reviving, of course, isn’t done with defibrillator paddles; that happens with a syringe and vials
  • Medics can now also repair vehicles just like Engineers

What do you think? Will these changes push you to roll Medic when Battlefield 1 launches? I always love the support classes in these games, so I’m absolutely down.

Battlefield 1 will hit the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms on October 21, 2016.