Battleborn, Gearbox and 2K’s take on arena shooters, is set to start its open beta. The beta is up for pre-load now on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam.

Finding it on Steam is odd. I can’t speak for the other platforms, because I haven’t tried yet. For Steam, you can pre-load the open beta by navigating to Battleborn’s page and looking below the gallery of trailers and screenshots. Below the Wishlist button, you’ll see a text box that starts with “Get ready for the Battleborn Open Beta….” There’s a link there at the end that reads “preloading it now!” That’s your link.

The PlayStation 4 will host the beta first, starting on April 8 (tomorrow). The Xbox One and PC will be able to join the open fray on April 13. The beta will last until April 18 on all platforms.

The open beta will afford players the chance “to experience the natural progression of Battleborn; including two Story Mode episodes, two Competitive Multiplayer Modes, 25 heroes (some instantly available, some will unlock as you progress), and as you play, you’ll rank up on three different progression systems.”

The overview video below convinced me to give this a shot. Battleborn has sort of blended into the background over the last year or so for me. I’m going into it without knowing much, besides what this clip explains, and I’m hoping it surprises me.

Battleborn is set to launch on May 3, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.