The 23 minute clip you see here is what gamers and press attending E3 2015 played and saw when they hit 2K’s booth in order to try Battleborn. 2K put together a quick video to share the demo for those who either missed it at E3 or missed it altogether.

Count me in that first category.

You’ll get a short introduction to the story and mechanics in Battleborn through the intro. This particular mission is of the story variety. These modular experiences will pepper the Battleborn pile of content when it releases. These missions can be played alone or with up to five folks cooperatively.

Here’s a bit from the video’s description to explain that a little better.

This is a story mission people experienced when they played Battleborn at E3. The gameplay demo follows a team of five heroes on the planet Bliss as they infiltrate an old Peacekeeper base and attempt to close a portal that’s allowing the evil Varelsi to enter the Solus system. This gameplay demonstration is one part of a larger chapter in Battleborn’s story mode, which can be played by up-to five people co-operatively or solo.

Battleborn will release for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this coming winter. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.