Battleblock Theater took quite a long time to wrap up its development period, but now we have a little insight as to what took so long. The Behemoth states on their development blog that their latest game will star over 200 playable characters, a huge number compared to their last hit Castle Crashers which only featured 30.

The game will not only feature a huge cast, but it will also feature over 200 levels for the characters to explore, over 10 weapons and tools to use, and several online multiplayer modes and arena battles.

Also updated in the blog post comes a video with character artist Dan Paladin drawing several of his creations for the upcoming game.

Battleblock Theater is The Behemoth's third console release following Alien Hominid and their mega-hit Castle Crashers, one of the all time best selling XBLA games. No release date has been confirmed, but information has been released consistently since the completion of the game's coding.

[via Joystiq]