Castle Crashers

The Behemoth has released its recent Xbox Live hit BattleBlock Theater onto Steam finally, and those who want to pick it up can do so for a discounted price of $13.49, saving 10 percent on the normal price until the end of next week on May 23rd.

If you don't already own it as well, fans of The Behemoth can pick up a Steam version of Castle Crashers for 10% off with the two games bundled together in the "Can't Stop Laughing Bundle" for $22.49. If you do already own Castle Crashers, then The Behemoth is going to treat you to huge savings on BattleBlock Theater thanks to a loyalty discount.

Players who purchase both games this week will have access to the "Can't Stop Crying Pack" which will unlock Castle Crashers' knights in BattleBlock Theater as playable characters. Likewise, BattleBlock's character Hatty will be playable in Castle Crashers with a new gem sword and golden whale orb pet.

The Behemoth is one of the founding members of the indie movement, and Castle Crashers is one of its first genuine hits. BattleBlock Theater was its highly anticipated follow-up, but after an infamously slow development period, The Behemoth finally has both games up and running alongside each other.

It's crazy to see how much the indie marketplace has matured between both releases. So many other names have appeared over the years, but The Behemoth still remains one of the biggest on the scene despite the delayed release of its latest game. How long we have to wait for the next game remains unknown, but we do know development is underway, and it will be an Xbox One exclusive.