Blizzard has confirmed that dealt with a DDOS attack that took down most of its games. Reports of Hearthstone, the Overwatch beta, Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 not properly working forced Blizzard to respond to the issue, addressing gamers with an update on its official costumer support-centered Twitter page.

Blizzard updated on the situation two hours later, saying that the "technical difficulties" had been dealt with.

Shortly before the shutdowns occurred, hacking group Lizard Squad posted an ominous Twitter post, stating "Get ready," and then followed up with another post after the attack proved successful.

This is not the first time Lizard Squad has attacked Blizzard's servers, having done so once before on Christmas back in 2014. During the same attack, it was able to knock out the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, leaving many gamers unable to play their new consoles afte the holidays. The FBI arrested many of the group's members, but it doesn't seem like those remaining got the message.

In fact, it even resorted to taunting from afar.

Certainly, the FBI and our legal system will start to take these DDOS attacks more seriously from here on out.