Even if you do not know his face, you definitely know the voice of Kevin Conroy. He has been playing Batman for the better part of two decades now from the revolutionary 1990s cartoon to the most recent Batman: Arkham games. When he talks, you listen.

And he's talking now. Batman: Arkham Knight's delay into 2015 might be disappointing to a lot of fans wanting to play this year, but we might not have to wait quite so long. Conroy stated in an interview with Groovey.TV at the Denver Comic-Con that the game will be out in January.

"I have a massive game you may have heard of called Arkham Knight," Conroy says "It was supposed to come out in January, we've been working on it for a year and a half, it's still not done."

"So it's going to come out next January, but I know everyone is frustrated."

January is not so bad at least, because I won't have many other games to soak up my time. The holidays are dry and barren this year, and January isn't looking any better. Pretty smart for Warner Bros. to get right on that with its biggest game without any competition right when people will be craving something huge.

As to why the game as delayed, Conroy had a pretty direct answer.

"The reason it's been delayed is because it's so awesome."

Indeed, the gameplay reveal, found in the trailer above, looks like nothing we've ever seen the Batman doing before, and we can't wait until 2015, hopefully in January, to get behind the controls of this latest game.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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