Finally! Warner Bros. Pictures unleashed another Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer on Saturday, and it’s a thing of beauty. If you have grown tired of the colorful and jovial world of Marvel, the new footage shown off from the DC universe is gritty, violent and full of drama. Some big plot details are revealed in the trailer, along with an incredible amount of new footage.

As we love to do whenever big new trailers like this hit, we combed over the footage frame-by-frame to see if there was anything of significance we could spot. Chances are we missed quite a bit, but if you want to learn more about what to expect from the movie, then read on.

Fans have been disappointed by the direction of Batman v Superman ever since, well, the beginning. But I’m hopeful and excited after see this latest trailer. Not only does it give us a look at Batman and Superman fighting, but we get to see Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman (still no Aquaman). Here’s everything we spotted.

The trailer starts off with words from Holly Hunter, who is playing a U.S. Senator seeking justice for Superman’s destruction of Metropolis. There are protestors outside of the Supreme Court; signs of “Earth Belongs To Humans” and “This Is Our World. Not Yours!” are held up. Superman comes flying down from above, and looks up toward his sentence. He looks upset, but not angry. Possibly sad, feeling misunderstood.

“The world needs to know what happened, and what he stand for. That kind of power is very dangerous.”

In the following shot, we see the destruction of Superman’s fight with General Zod from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. He’s running through the streets, debris and fire everywhere. He’s on the phone with someone—and then he screams. A building begins to collapse, as terrified citizens run from the danger. The camera is behind Wayne as he runs toward the collapsing building, until he’s engulfed by a cloud of dust.

When he emerges, he’s holding onto a young girl. He looks up toward the sky, and you can tell just by his face that he’s furious. There’s a Wayne Financial sign just behind up, suggesting Wayne Enterprises is nothing more than a bunch of rubble.

Hunter’s Senator chimes in again. “Let the record show that the committee holds him (Superman) responsible.”

We’re shown a quick flashback, and then we cut to Batman in his mansion, unfolding a piece of paper with a report about Wayne Tower being destroyed. Someone (the Joker?) has written on it, “You let your family die.” Meanwhile, Alfred (Jeremy Irons) has started talking, and it’s the same voice over from the first trailer that was released. “That’s how it starts. The fever. The rage. That turns good men cruel.”

These words coincide with some shots of Affleck’s Wayne contemplating his return as Batman. He stares at the batsuit, and you can tell that he’s absolutely fuming inside. Wayne looks old, burnt out, but prepared to put up a fight.

And he does. He begins to leave his mark—literally—by serving up vigilante justice against bad guys as he works his way up to his ultimate goal, which is to kill Superman. Then we’re given a neat little blurb about nobody wanting to see Clark Kent taking on Batman, but we’re in on the secret so it’s fun joke, delivered with the seriousness only someone like Lawrence Fishburn can bring.

The next several shots are meant to reinforce how people like Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s mother view Superman: as someone who represents hope, someone who has the power to save humanity. Clark’s mom, however, says he doesn’t owe anybody anything, so it’s up to him (just as his father said) to decide what kind of man he wants to be. He does have the power to completely obliterate humankind, but will he?

A family sits on a roof as a flood rages through their neighborhood. The mom reaches out as Superman floats above them, but the shot cuts away before we see if he saves them or not. More of the Superman as God imagery. It’s odd that we’d see him contemplate saving the family.

We do, however, see Superman save the astronauts from a failed rocket launch, holding up the capsule before it could be blown to bits.

We’re then introduced to Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, who has a luscious head of hair, and he’s talking the Senator (Holly Hunter).

“Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator?” he asks. “Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky.”

As he says this, we’re shown a shot of Superman bowing down to Luthor, who is caressing Superman’s face (in a hover-hand kind of way). Superman looks up at him, angry. How does Luthor have this power over him? Has he captured Superman’s mother, and he’s threatening to kill her? The next quick shot shows a woman leading a large crate in some kind of facility, though it’s difficult to tell what’s inside. The word USAMRIID is written on it; two military officers are pushing the crate.

A hand opens up a body bag, only to reveal the corpse of Michael Shannon’s General Zod, all white and ghostly. It’s unclear who is in possession of his body, though maybe that’s who was in the crate. I’m guessing Luthor acquired the body to do experiments on him to find out more about Superman’s origins, along with his weaknesses.

Cut away, and we see Bruce Wayne staring up at a suit (Robin’s?), which has been spray painted with the words “Hahah joke’s on you Batman.” Is this the Joker’s handy work again? Did he murder Robin? Batman’s suit, which was revealed earlier int he trailer, is to the right, and there appear to be some weapons hanging on the walls around him.

“20 years in Gotham,” Wayne says to Alfred. “How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way? He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. And we have to destroy him.”

The next few shots show Batman in his power armor, which Ben Affleck said is more for Batman’s protection, not because it makes him stronger. Batman unsheathes the batsignal, calling for a showdown between him and Supes. We cut to a few more shots, including one that appears to show the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents when he was a young boy.

Finally, we’re introduced to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman—first in her civilian outfit, then in her Wonder Woman costume. There’s destruction behind her as she jumps up and punches her hands together, sending a violent shockwave through the city.

Here’s where it starts to get a little weird—and the color palette changes in a significant way. We’re in a warmer, drier climate now, maybe the desert. Batman is walking through the rubble of some kind of base, wearing a trench coat and looking all mercenary. We see soldiers start to shoot, though it’s unclear at whom (probably Batman); what’s notable is that these soldiers are wearing the S symbol on their sleeve, suggesting Superman either has his own army or a wild fanbase of people trying to protect him.

In the next shot Batman gets overpowered by these soldiers, and taken into custody. It’s hard to tell if that is indeed Bruce Wayne under that suit, but it’s certainly strangethat he’s wearing cargo pants and a coat and it just seems strange.

Back into reality? The bat mobile hurtles toward a building, and then we see Batman taking on some thugs with some expert CQC.

And this is when Alfred tells Bruce Wayne that “he is not our enemy.” While Alfred doesn’t specifically namedrop Superman, one has to assume that’s who he is talking about. Alfred is typically the voice of reason for Batman, and this sounds like one of his patented pep talks, trying to talk some sense into the caped crusader. Maybe Wayne is so blinded by his rage that he doesn’t see the truth. At what point will he?

We’re back to a Lexcorp facility again, where a man on a motorcycle comes driving in. We don’t see his face, or even his outfit, but we do see him walking over a bunch of empty shells, suggesting a pretty big gunfight just happened. (There’s also a deflated basketball in the background, for whatever that’s worth.) Could this be one of the characters from the Suicide Squad, maybe in cahoots with Luthor?


And then probably the biggest reveal: Lex Luthor (still with beautiful locks of hair) is in possession of a pretty big chunk of kryptonite, and I’m sure he intends on using it. He stares at it longingly, as one might an old picture.

Back to the action, Batman jumps onto Superman, who is lying down on a building skylight. They come crashing through—Batman lands directly on Superman’s chest as they hit a concrete floor. We see Wonder Woman again, and she’s fighting someone with her shield and sword. She gets knocked back, and doesn’t look happy about it. We cut to what might be the same fight of Superman flying over a burning city, as he unleashes a solar energy from his eyes. It looks like it’s at Batman, because in the next scene the dark knight is shown using his Batclaw to narrowly escape the blast.

“Black and blue. God versus man. Day versus night.” Luthor is giving a speech to someone (Superman?) but we don’t see who. He still has hair though!

The last shot of the trailer shows the wreckage of the batmobile. Superman walks over, and casually rips the roof off, revealing Batman to be inside. He’s not in his suit of armor, and it doesn’t appear as though there’s an imminent confrontation, so it’s unclear what’s really happening here. Perhaps this is the first time the two come face-to-face, or perhaps this is where they decide to join forces.

See anything we missed? It sure looks like there are a lot of references to other DC movies to come, along with hints of the Joker’s presence everywhere. What’s great is that we’re seeing what kind of destruction Superman cause from MoS, and whether or not he’ll take responsibility for his actions.

I’m a little worried about how the trailers have painted to Batman’s motivations. So far, he’s being characterized as someone who is scared and maybe even a little jealous. It sucks that there was collateral damage from Superman’s fight over Metropolis, but he wasn’t trying to kill humans. Batman seems convinced that Superman is going to wipe everyone out, even though he hasn’t exhibited such behavior.

It’s hard to get the full picture from a few scenes, so maybe Batman is being manipulated by the presence of Lex Luthor? It’s unclear. And it’s difficult to see why Superman continues to do right when everyone around him (except Lois Lane and Ma Kent) seem to reject him.

I’m sure much more information will crop up over the coming months, so this is merely the beginning. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for a March 25, 2016 release.