Empire has an in-depth spread about next year’s Batman v Superman, and it reveals many new details about the psyche of Ben Affleck’s older, more road weary Batman. Namely, do his actions in the movie actually make him the antagonist of the film? That’s a question audiences will wrestle with, and something that drew Affleck to playing the character in the first place.

“Zack [Snyder] pitched me his concept for this older, more broken, kind of f**ked up Batman,” Affleck said. “It was something we haven’t seen. We have seen that Batman is willing to cross the line to protect people. That vigilantism has been a part of his character all along, and we are tapping into that mentality when faced by something as potentially deadly as Superman.”

Director Zack Snyder added that Superman represents a kind of “philosophical change” for Batman. “[He’s] been fighting criminals all [his] life, trying to find justice, and now [he’s] confronted with a concept that is transcendent to [him],” Snyder said.

In the trailer, it’s clear that Affleck’s Batman has been through a lot, and it all comes to a head when Superman destroys Metropolis trying to stop General Zod.

“[Batman] has lost those near and dear to him, and not necessarily from old age or disease,” explained Batman v Superman producer, Charles Roven.

It’s a culmination of events that eventually leads Batman to turn cruel. At this point, Bruce Wayne has been Batman for 20 years, and now he’s faced with what he perceives to be the biggest threat of his life. But is Superman actually bad? Or does Batman just want to believe that?

The trailers strongly suggest Superman is still a noble protector, someone who is still struggling to conceal his identity and acclimate to the cold, cold world.

Empire has several more details about the upcoming film, including some tidbits about Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Justice League and Suicide Squad, which received a thrilling teaser earlier this month. The full spread, via ComicBookMovie, should be available in Empire’s latest issue, which should be on newsstands soon.