As we’ve seen in the lengthy Batman v Superman trailer released earlier this year, each superhero will be portrayed in a very different light. Superman, for example, will be regarded by people as a god, someone who has been sent to save humanity. Batman, meanwhile, is seen as a vigilante and menace, a real thorn in the side of authority. It will be Zack Snyder’s job to humanize these characters, and give us a reason to care.

In a new interview with Total Film, Snyder acknowledges the difficulty of having two hugely popular superhero in a single movie.

“You kind of have to understand both of their points of views,” Snyder said. “I think you’re sympathetic to both, in a weird way. It’s inevitable, like two trains heading at each other on the same track.”

We briefly get to see the culmination of this collision in the most recent trailer as the two duke it out. How will it end? Happily we assume, especially considering the film’s tagline is Dawn of Justice. But we won’t really know what will go down until the film hits theaters early next year.

Until then, enjoy some new snaps from Total Film, which are pretty much shots we’ve seen already (at different angles). The picture of Batman, however, is pretty new—and kind of funny when you see the cameras and crew just casually watching behind the scenes. It looks like Ben Affleck’s Batman has just destroyed whoever is lying on the ground.

No doubt Batman’s way of letting people know he’s back from retirement.

Check out the screenshots above, along with many more images from the movie. Batman v Superman comes out on March 25, 2016.