You know how we were saying that weird desert hellscape in Batman v Superman was probably just some nightmare scenario? Turns out we (and many others) were right.

New comments from Batman v Superman costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, have revealed that the post-apocalyptic scene is indeed Bruce Wayne’s nightmare, in which Superman has essentially taken over the world and has a loyal fanbase of Nazi-like soldiers.

The text is loosely translated from comments made by Wilkinson to Omelete.

“It’s sort of a way of representing the amazing amounts of, the sort of obsessive quality that Bruce Wayne has about the threat of Superman,” Wilkinson said. “Superman, of course he’s normally seen as a figure of hope, a positive thing, but in this film, his motivations, the consequences of his action are really being questioned by the world. Is he a savior? Or is he a dangerous alien with unknown intentions. This becomes an obsession for Bruce Wayne.”

That clears it up. We always figured that scene wasn’t based in reality, and now we know that Bruce Wayne’s obsession manifests in an unhealthy way. This, and the events from Man of Steel, drive Batman to pursue Superman throughout the film, and eventually leads to a throwdown between the two characters.

The recent trailer gave us plenty of new footage of these two characters fighting, and also revealed that Doomsday will join the party. Speaking of new characters, Wilkinson said Batman v Superman will mark the big screen debut of Ezra Miller’s Flash, though it sounds like we’ll only get a glimpse of the speedy superhero.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for a March 25, 2016 release. You can check out the most recent trailer above.