So it finally happened, huh? After what seemed like enough leaks to drown out Poison Ivy’s planet collection a dozen times over, Warner Bros. finally confirmed the existence of the Batman: Return to Arkham bundle.

The HD bundle will ship out remasters of both Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Batman: Arkham City with revamped graphics using the Unreal Engine 4. It goes without saying that the graphics will look a lot sharper this time around, making this the definitive versions of these two Batman titles.

And, as far as I’m concerned, this will be the definitive package for the series since the first two games were better than the most recent one, anyway.

Reddit user blackfire51 has collected screenshots from the original and compared them to the available footage, the the jumps in texture and color are pretty obvious. Time to revisit these two ground-breaking titles.

Batman: Return to Arkham launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 26, and it will retail for $49.99.