Up until now, Ben Affleck’s Batman has been portrayed as someone who is angry, reckless and a little sad. This newest trailer, the final one for Batman v Superman before its release at the end of March, also shows that even though he’s getting older, he can still more than hold his own, even against Superman himself.

It always seemed a little crazy and naive to think Batman could actually go toe-to-toe with Superman. But this latest trailer proves that Batman’s strengths aren’t always his tools and gadgets, but his cleverness. At one point in the trailer Superman casually throws a punch toward Batman’s noggin, and is surprised to see the Dark Knight block it with ease.

It’s one of those, “Oh sh*t” moments, and proves that their fight isn’t going to be entirely one-sided.

If he’s not resorting to fisticuffs with Superman, Batman is easily and expertly dispatching an entire group of thugs like it’s no big thing. Seriously, he eliminates five or six guys with a grace and brutality that’s thrilling to watch. If this is the kind of action we can expect from the upcoming movie, sign me up. (No wonder there have been rumors Warner Bros. wants Ben Affleck to do a new Batman trilogy.)

After Deadpool this Friday, Batman v Superman is going to be the next big comic book movie when it hits theaters on March 25, and I can’t wait.