Season passes aren’t totally out of fashion yet. One of the year’s biggest games, Batman: Arkham Origins, has just had its season pass revealed by publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and it will cost fans $19.99 on top of the game’s purchase.

The purchasing price of the DLC package will land buyers more than enough different looks for Batman. Over a dozen skins for Batman and a few for Robin will be made available, most of them Batman costumes from the DC runs Infinite Earth and New Millennium. Gotham by Gaslight Batman and Brightest Day Batman will only be available through the Season Pass.

Beyond playing dress-up with Batman, the Season Pass will grant access to a DLC package known as Initiation, where gamers will get to play as Bruce Wayne in a mission before wearing the Batman suit. Further story elements will also be added, but these have not yet been announced.

Sounds a lot like Horse Armor to me. $19.99 is a lot of money for alternative skins, especially when the PlayStation version has two coming exclusively to it for free. I only play video games with the original skins and very rarely deviate from what the designer had in mind when plowing through a title. Alternative costumes mean nothing to me. Who has the time to use them all?

Playing as Bruce Wayne might be worth a few minutes of time, if handled properly. I’d rather wait for that to be made available separately.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on Oct. 25 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC. Check the advertisement below for a glimpse at all the costumes. (Click for a larger view)

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