Splash Damage has been contracted by Warner Bros. to bring a new "Invisible Predator" multiplayer mode to the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.

Three players will assume the role of average grunts in the Joker's or Bane's gang, and they will blast each other apart while holding down checkpoints. Both teams have unique weapons which play up their boss' themes as they battle back and forth. It's a simple and straightforward goal with the ultimate gift of possibly being able to control the Joker or Bane himself should you perform well enough.

The twist is that perhaps neither team will emerge victorious from the squabble with the Batman or Robin lurking in the shadows. A third team will assume the role of "Invisible Predator," whose job it is to prevent both teams from succeeding through intimidation or silent takedowns.

Splash Damage says the purpose of this multiplayer mode is to keep it within the confines of what made the originals so good, but there are still more twists and depth they plan to unveil in the future, like Alfred randomly announcing high profile targets.

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were not only well received for finally giving Batman the quality video game he deserved, but they were also widely praised for proving that purely single player experiences could work in this socially connected day and age.

The trend these days is to blend the multiplayer into the main campaign in some fashion, and Splash Damage is certainly stabbing for that. The team has experience in bringing multiplayer to games before, so we'll see if that pays off for Batman: Arkham Origins when it releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC on Oct. 25.

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