Here I was, thinking there was some sort of connection issue with my PlayStation 4 over the last several days. AR missions and side actions in Batman: Arkham Knight have online leaderboards that let you establish rivalries and score points specifically in Arkham Knight‘s Gotham’s Greatest metagame.

These leaderboards have been busted on the PlayStation 4 since launch. It’s not just me (or you). Here’s the error that gamers are seeing when they try and look at the scores.

A connection to PlayStation™Network cannot be established. Gameplay will continue without Leaderboard access until a connection is made.

Now, I personally don’t care about this feature. I’m not one to compare my efforts in a solo game to others around the world. However, there are whole legions of gamers that absolutely adore leaderboard struggles, and this is a bummer for them.

The great unknown here is that PlayStation 4 gamers might never see their current progress added to the leaderboards once they’re fixed. That means, if you’re the competitive sort who wants to partake in this Gotham’s Greatest metagame, you’ll need to go back and replay the missions that feature the scoring system.

That could be good or bad depending upon how much you liked them.

Arkham Knight works pretty well on the PlayStation 4, but it seems no version of this game will run without issue. Anything going on for you Xbox One players?