I don’t think Batman: Arkham Knight is the best in the four game series. I think that award goes to City, in my mind. Knight, though, is still a fun game that fans should be playing. It’s a shame, then, that the PC version is such a mess.

The latest rumor has it that it won’t be fixed enough in order to go on sale again until this fall. Current players, whose experiences run from okay to absolutely abysmal, are relying on patches to bring the game up to speed.

Now, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have announced what they’re calling an “interim patch update” for August. “Interim,” in my mind, basically means something to slow the bleeding until the real fix comes. An interim CEO steps in after some sort of corporate issue, whether it’s death, termination or resignation, and this person is a stop gap until real decisions are made.

The stop gap for Arkham Knight on the PC won’t fix everything. WB says it will address “many of the issues” listed in the June 27 update. Which issues? Frame rate, low resolution texture bugs, full screen rendering on gaming laptops? We have no idea.

The publisher will update us on this patch soon.