Batman: Arkham Knight‘s season pass is winding down, and the last of the DLC is hitting.

One part of that is a free bit of content for the game’s most committed players. If you’re a hardcore Arkham fan – the kind that only plays the Arkham games and is still playing them – this might appeal to you. For the rest of us, this unlockable will remain out of reach without a hack.

Arkham Knight updated this week and received a new costume, called Batsuit v8.05 – Prestige Edition. The suit can be, according to the press release, equipped when you reach 240 percent game completion. That is, you have to complete the game once from scratch, complete it a second time on New Game +, and then, as noted by Kotaku, complete the Season of Infamy expansion pack. Thankfully, you only have to collect the Riddler trophies once, making the prospect significantly less painful but still quite involved.

As the suit’s name implies, this is a prestige item – a badge of honor – for those committed enough to go after it. And if you’re wondering where that snow comes from – the Season of Infamy expansion reintroduces Mr. Freeze and, as a result, snow. I might check out the expansion, but I don’t think 240 percent completion is in my future.

Also joining this prestige skin in this patch are a classic Harley Quinn skin, an Arkham Knight skin, and a skin of the suit from the Christopher Nolan Batman films.