Batman: Arkham Knight is a mixed bag of exceptional gaming and world building layered over problematic mechanics and a downright terrible PC release.

One thing Rocksteady nailed, as far as I’m concerned, is the game’s collection of easter eggs, small plot devices and reference nods.

Stop right here if you haven’t played the game yet. Spoiler city, my friends. Do not read on.

The title features the slow erosion of Bruce Wayne’s mental state, with the Joker’s face appearing subtly on structures and ads throughout the game world. It’s something not everyone notices, and it’s something that makes me love the game in spite of some bad mechanics.

Easter eggs are great. We have one, as seen in the video above, that only occurs on Halloween. Once you complete the Man-Bat quest line, the human behind the beast is locked up in GCPD. Set your machine’s internal date to October 31 (or just wait, if you want), and the Man-Bat will breakout waiting to scare you from on top of buildings once more.

I love this sort of stuff.