Scarecrow made for the best side missions and action set pieces in the original Batman: Arkham Asylum, but Batman: Arkham Knight has always been about Dr. Jonathon Crane and his latest plan to drop the city of Gotham into fear and chaos. We have not yet had the displeasure of seeing Rocksteady's newest hideous design for him, until now.

Sony showed off some excellent gameplay footage of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight during its E3 presentation in which the Dark Knight glides though the skies of Gotham with his cape before taking to the road blowing up tanks from the new Batmobile. Just when you think you've seen it all and you're ready for the big confrontation with The Penguin, Dr. Crane rears his ugly head and gives a speech that will give you nightmares.

Batman: Arkham Knight looks out of this world, and I highly doubt Warner Bros. is going to leave the series in just anybody's hands ever again. This is the only studio which should be working on Batman from now until the end of time. Take me away, please! I need to play this game.

Along with the gameplay trailer, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 version would be getting exclusive "Scarecrow Nightmare Missions."

Batman: Arkham Asylum will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.

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