Rocksteady Games has posted a lengthy video that features Dual Play combat in Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s part of their Arkham Insider series from Dax Ginn, Brand Marketing Producer at Rocksteady, and he sits with Tim Hannigan, Lead AI Programmer, as they try Dual Play.

Starting around the one minute mark, Batman and Nightwing team up to take on a group of thugs in that free play combat style. The AI controls Nightwing, until the player switches over to him seamlessly. That’s when the AI switches to Batman, and the combat rages on.

Dual Play looks incredible, and we’ll be able to use it with a whole host of Batman’s friends, including Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman. Awesome.

We’ll have more on Batman: Arkham Knight as it comes. The game will sell for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting on June 23, 2015. Stay tuned.

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