Catch the more than two minute long launch trailer for Batman: Arkham City above. The clip released this weekend and heralds the coming of Rocksteady's next take on the Caped Crusader. Arkham City will ship for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow, but PC gamers will have to wait until November.

While the game isn't out yet, some of the reviews are in. In case you're curious, it's doing wonderfully.

As the voice of Hugo Strange narrates the trailer above, one line in delivered by a female character in particular signified fantastic news for fans of Batman and Arkham City as a game: "You must show you are willing to take a life to save the world."

Batman fans will tell you that this point is a core piece of Batman's heroic struggle. In fact, it's one that most comic heroes deal with throughout the extent of their adventures. It's so rare for major heroes to kill in order to succeed that Wonder Woman's decision to break the neck of a villain several years back in the DC universe was hammered on for months after the moment happened.

But gamers may not necessarily be comic book readers, so the notion that Batman has to grapple with the quick, easy kill whenever he's setting out to save the world may be brand new. The Joker hit on it in The Dark Knight, but some would say that Batman's chaos exists because Batman himself exists. Breaking the cycle would take one, single murder at the hands of Wayne. The great thing is that will never happen.

Paul Dini, famed and talented Batman story writer, did the script for Batman: Arkham City … that much is obvious when things like this are being dealt with. As a fan and nerd, the thoughtfulness excites me. If you like the moral struggle Batman faces regularly, get excited to see more of it in Arkham City.