Batman: Arkham City is getting a Game of the Year Edition before May closes. The game will come with every batch of DLC that's released since this title's official launch late last year. It will also include the upcoming "Harley Quinn's Revenge" DLC fans have been guessing at for more than a month now.

You can catch a quick glimpse of the Harley Quinn focused content at the end of the trailer above. Quinn looks a bit depressed in the exceptionally brief shot of her toting a firearm; for those of us who actually finished Arkham City, this makes sense. If you haven't finished the game yet (*ahem* Sean Aune *ahem*), what are you waiting for?

This, of course, confirms the recent crop of rumors regarding the potential for Quinn-centric content. We first heard about the possibility of this DLC from a PlayStation 3 trophy leak, and then Rocksteady Tweeted a quick picture of Quinn's boots.

According to the official Arkham City Twitter account, the "Harley Quinn's Revenge" DLC will be made available for those who already own the game on May 29th for PSN users and May 30th for Xbox LIVE. The Twitter account did not make note of the launch date for PC gamers. The Game of the Year edition highlighted in the trailer above will not go on sale until May 29th.