We only have, what, like 7 to 9 months until Batman: Arkham Knight hits? Until the game dropsthis fall, we’ll have to make do with the trickle of screenshots.

In the current batch, we have shots of the Oracle (Barbara Gordon), the updated Penguin, and the Riddler, who has traded out his dapper suit for some pajamas. The Riddler is, once again, on a projected screen, so there’s no clue yet as to whether we’ll get to give him the pile driver he’s been begging for since Arkham Asylum, or if we’ll once again be stuck solving his obnoxious puzzles with no payoff.

There are a couple great shots of Batman’s new costume as well. Included for comparison is a shot of the costume in Arkham Asylum/City next to the new one. The game seems to be blending the comic book style of previous Arkham games with some of the Dark Knight trilogy’s weightiness. Batman’s form-fitting costume is swapped out for something that, as we saw briefly in the trailer, more clearly resembles body armor. It definitely isn’t identical to the armor he sported in The Dark Knight, but the influence is there.

After the downturn in interest following the lackluster Arkham Origins, we’re surprised to find ourselves so excited about a new Arkham game, but we’re already chomping at the bit for all the media we can get.

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