Well, alright, you got me, WB Games. I’m on the hook for Batgirl: A Matter of Family, the first bit of story-driven DLC for Arkham Knight.

This $6.99 package, for those who didn’t pick up the Season Pass already, features Batgirl and Robin as playable characters. The duo is going after the Joker and Harley Quinn as they’ve captured Commissioner Gordon.

I’m still not sure exactly how long the DLC is, so hopefully it provides a few hours of entertainment on the oil rig-based, nautical themed amusement park Joker’s built just outside of Gotham proper.

WB Montreal talked about this DLC recently, and here’s what they offered regarding Batgirl’s play style.

“Hacking is really what separates her from the other characters. It’s a gameplay mechanic with which the player can create situations for Batgirl to really shine…

…Our intention was that Batgirl should be less powerful than Batman, but that Batgirl plus hacking could give her opportunities do things that not even Batman can pull off.”

Batgirl: A Matter of Family will release for Season Pass owners on July 14. Others can pick it up starting July 21.