Super Smash Bros Bass

Because having Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. just isn't awesome enough, Director Masahiro Sakurai has also shown off a Wii U exclusive trophy of his robotic rival, Bass. He posted an image of the trophy on his Miiverse account, stating:

"Here's Bass, a trophy for the Wii U version!! When I first saw this, I was really surprised by the quality of this trophy and Treble's presence. Even though this will only appear as a trophy, this was made from the ground up. Designers really are amazing."

Bass' first appearance in the Mega Man series occurred in the Super Nintendo game Mega Man 7, and ever since, he's been a popular mainstay. In fact, he proved to be so popular with fans that he became a playable character in his own titular game, Mega Man & Bass, even before Mega Man's mysterious older brother, Proto Man, who wasn't playable in a main Mega Man game until Mega Man 9, three console generations and a decade later!

Sticking with this tradition, I suppose, we are finding out about Bass' appearance in Super Smash Bros. before Proto Man's. My guess is that Sakurai has something a bit better for him planned, like an assist trophy or possibly an alternate costume for Mega Man.

Keep the Mega Man nostalgia rolling Sakurai. We can't get enough of it!

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