Barclays U.K. has confirmed that it will not be adding Apple Pay support until early 2016. It is the only major British bank that doesn't already support the mobile payments service.

"We have signed up for ApplePay and will launch it very early in the New Year," Barclays CEO of Personal and Corporate Banking Ashok Vaswani told one customer in an email, MacRumors reports. That's despite a July report that promised a rollout was "imminent."

Barclays initially decided not to support Apple Pay at all, choosing instead to back its own bPay contactless payments service. But after being bombarded by complaints from customers, the company reversed that decision. It seems, however, that it is not in any rush to catch up with its competitors.

It is now the only major British bank that is keeping its customers waiting for Apple Pay, while rivals like HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Halifax, Nationwide, and many more are already backing it. The only other British bank yet to offer support is TSB.

Having to wait until early 2016 will surely be a disappointment to Barclays customers, but at least the company has finally provided us with a timescale.