Barclays U.K. appears to have reversed course on its decision not to support Apple Pay after a new report claims its arrival is "imminent." Barclays was the only major British bank that hadn't confirmed support for Apple Pay when it was announced for the U.K.

It's still not totally clear why Barclays wasn't on that initial list of supported banks, but many believe the company was focusing on bPay, its own mobile payments service instead, and feared supporting Apple Pay could have a negative impact on that.

But many customers weren't happy that they wouldn't be able to use Apple Pay with their Barclays cards, and they took to Twitter and other social networks to voice their disappointment. Some even threatened to switch banks just to get access to the service.

But Barclays has now confirmed it will be supporting Apple Pay in the U.K. soon — alongside rivals like HSBC, Lloyds, TSB, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, First Bank, M&S Bank, Santander, and NatWest.

It's unclear if the delayed negotiations mean Barclays customers will have to wait longer than those with other banks, but the company did say Apple Pay's arrival was "imminent." According to a recent report, the service is expected to go live in the U.K. on Tuesday, July 14.