If you're into turn-based strategy games with beautiful aesthetics and brutal difficulty, you need to have a look at The Banner Saga. Stoic has officially released the game on iOS for iPhone and iPad, and I'd imagine the nature of play translates just fine to the touchscreen medium.

But, listen; The Banner Saga is more than just a good game on iOS. It's also a marvelous game on its original platforms, PC and Mac. If mobile gaming isn't your thing, you should seek this one out on a more traditional medium.

The Banner Saga sells for $9.99 on iOS. The same game goes for $19.99 on Steam. I can safely say that it's worth the higher price, so don't shrug your shoulders at $9.99 and mutter something about wishing it was free. This is worth $10, I guarantee it.

I played The Banner Saga on PC, and you can check my little preview of the affair in the video at the head of this post.