Dragon Ball Xenoverse (1)

Bandai Namco continues to strut its stuff as one of the biggest and most influential Japanese companies in the industry at this year's TGS. Compared to rival Capcom's line-up, Bandai Namco will offer a Mt. Fuji-sized proportion of gaming content at this year's convention.

And trust me. I climbed that sucker this month. It's not exactly small.

Likewise, neither is Bandai Namco's line-up. The company continues to score big with a healthy handful of anime licensed games like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Gundam, all tied to few of its own original properties like Tales, SoulCalibur and Ace Combat. Its official website also points out an enormous level of smartphone games to help fund its recent break into the free-to-play world.

Heck, even Godzilla shows up! See the entire list of games below.

Console Games

  • Ace Combat Infinity (PS3) – trailer
  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS Vita) – trailer
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3) – playable, trailer
  • Godzilla (PS3) – playable, trailer
  • Gundam Breaker 2 (PS3, PS Vita) – playable, trailer
  • Haikyuu!! Tsunagu! Itadaki no Keshiki!! (3DS) – trailer
  • Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live! (PS Vita) – playable, trailer
  • The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order (PS Vita) – playable, trailer
  • M3 The Dark Metal: Mission Memento Mori (PS Vita) – trailer
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation (PS3) – trailer
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin (3DS) – trailer
  • Soulcalibur: Lost Swords (PS3) – trailer
  • Super Hero Generation (PS3, PS Vita) – trailer
  • Tales of the World: Reve Unitia (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • Tales of Zestiria (PS3) – playable, trailer
  • And more…

Smartphone Games

  • Buddy Complex: Senjou no Cupring (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Drift Spirits (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Guilty Dragon: Tsumiryu to Yattsu no Noroi (iOS, Android)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Battle All-Stars (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventuer: Stardust Shooter (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • One Piece: Dance Battle (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • One Piece: Treasure Cruise (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Saint Seiya: Cosmo Slottle (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Shingun Destroy! (iOS) – trailer
  • Super Space Galaga (iOS, Android)
  • Sword Art Online: Code Register (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Taiko Drum Master RPG da Don! (iOS) – trailer
  • Tales of Asteria (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Tales of Lik (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199: Cosmo Guardian (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • Ultraman: Puzzle Spirit (iOS, Android) – trailer
  • And more…

Browser Games

  • Gundam Spirits (iOS, Android)
  • SD Gundam: Operations (PC)

Family Area Console Games

  • Aikatsu! 365-hi no Idol Days (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • Disc Wars: Avengers Ultimate Heroes (3DS) – trailer
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 (3DS0 – playable, trailer
  • Fujiko F. Fujio Characters: Daishuugou! SF Dotabata Party (Wii U, 3DS) – playale, trailer
  • Happiness Charge Precure! Kawarun Collection (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • Majin Bone: Jikan to Kuukan no Majin (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • Nazotoki Battle Tore! Densetsu no Makyuu o Fukkatsu Saseyo! (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • Guruguru Tamagocchi! (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • Tenkai Knight: Brave Battle (3DS) – playable, trailer
  • And more…

Family Area Smartphone Games

  • Aikatsu! Music Video Camera (iOS) – trailer

Be sure to check out our live coverage from the floor of Tokyo Game Show 2014 this September 18th – 22nd. I can promise you I'll be hitting up the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse to make sure there is a solid game behind the promising character creator. Godzilla and the new Tales of Zesteria fall into the big fat "maybe if I have time" category.