I have no idea what Bandai Namco is hyping with this new teaser trailer, but I'm deeply interested in finding out more about it. The 30 seconds of footage shows off a game with a brand new art style, and only the hint of "prepare to dine" gives any clue as to what the game is about.

Post-apocalyptic vampires? Enormous demonic monsters? Gas masks and red capes? What could it possibly mean?

We'll find out in one week as a countdown timer on the website hints of a major reveal for what appears to be a new franchise. In the meantime, other intrigued gamers are discussing the possibilities through the hashtag #PrepareToDine.

Bandai Namco needs a new Dark Souls

Now that Dark Souls has come to a close, Bandai Namco is no doubt scrambling to fill in the gap left by its massively popular horror setting and challenging difficulty. Whatever this is, it could possibly be a new project that is designed to keep a hold on that audience.

It looks really interesting, and I dig the art style a lot. I'll wait for more information, like who is developing it and what kind of game it is, before getting too excited. It borrows quite a bit of imagery from Hyper Light Drifter, I feel.

Again, we'll find out next week. Stay tuned!