Dark Souls is a fantastic series that triumphed to the forefront of the gaming world with its challenging gameplay and lack of developer interference. Nothing in Dark Souls is spelled out to the gamer, leaving much of its content up for discovery and interpretation. This includes the franchise’s overarching plot, which does exist if players dig around in the cracks to find bits and pieces of lore.

Bandai Namco asked to hear fan interpretations of it all. How is it that this world met its fate, and why are the connections to death so prevalent? If they could come up with the best explanation, preferably as a way to introduce newcomers to Dark Souls III, the company promised a massive grand prize of $10,000.

To start, we task you with making a whole new video for the Dark Souls series using the videos and images below, footage from the game that you’ve captured yourself or your own artwork. This trailer should be for someone who has never played Dark Souls and is interested in jumping into the series before playing Dark Souls III. Show off your style and understanding of the Dark Souls universe and prove that you can tell a masterful story.

I like Dark Souls quite a bit, but not this much. The series has some insane fans, but luckily, that insanity converts into creativity, leading to some excellent videos. The contest wrapped itself up earlier this week, and plenty of videos are available for the fans to pour over. The winners will be announced next week.

Dark Souls III launches on March 24 for the the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.