Texting-While-DrivingA new study by teen-based research initiative Generation tXt found that cell phones are just as deadly whether there is a ban on texting while driving or not. Many have claimed that a ban on texting would lead to an increase in crashes, since teens would be forced to hide their phones while doing the senseless deed, but that's not the case. Phones are equally as deadly, no matter where they are held in the car.

Teens aged 15-19 were tested under three conditions via a driving simulator: driving without a cell phone, texting with the phone in a hidden position while driving and texting with the phone in a convenient location while driving. Regardless of where the phone was placed while texting, teens drove recklessly, swerving into lanes, speeding, crashing and causing other harmful driving consequences.

So, it doesn't matter where you put a phone. You're just as likely to kill someone or yourself by tapping away a meaningless response.

[Via: Edmunds]