The timer on their website has run out and Overhaul Games is ready to talk about Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. The retooling of BioWare's classic PC RPG will be released on September 18th for PCs. Mac and iOS versions will be released in September, but there's no word yet on the Android edition.

Baldur's Gate put BioWare on the map when it released back in 1998. Using their new Infinity Engine, the game quickly gained a mass following for successfully bringing Dungeons and Dragons to life on PCs. The sequel, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, earned even more praise and often tops lists of the greatest PC RPGs ever made. An enhanced edition for Shadows of Amn is also in the works.

In addition to new quests and areas, at least three new characters will be joining the fray. The revenge filled half-orc Dorn Il-Kahn is out to kill a traitorous group of mercenaries, the wandering monk Rasaad yn Bashir is on a journey of enlightenment, and the lady elf Neera the Wild Mage is on the run from the Red Wizards while coming to terms with her hidden magical power. Each will add their own new area to the game and an additional four hours of gameplay to the original running time for their personal quests.

Also included is a 15 floor arena-style dungeon called The Black Pits and allegedly over 400 other improvements given more detail on the game's homepage.

Pre-ordering the game at the homepage will land you a 10% discount at $17.99. The full price of $19.99 will be restored after launch.

[via Joystiq]