BlackBerry 10 in actionResearch In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 delay is supposedly causing the company to “bleed” developers, as Baird Equity Research so curtly put it. According to data collected by the firm, which surveyed 200 developers and their outlook of BB10, interest has fallen from 4.6 to 3.8 on a 10-point scale. Android and iOS, meanwhile, are at 8.7 and 9.3, respectively.

In addition, Baird claims that “31 percent of sampled BlackBerry 10 developers said that they have shifted some or all of their work away from BB10, compared with 34 percent in Q1.” However, Baird does note that there is a developer base that, while smaller, is “increasingly loyal” to the BlackBerry brand.

On the contrary, however, Research In Motion’s VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, says Baird’s report is just not true. “I was shocked by the findings,” Saunders said. “I was shocked because the numbers in the report do not gel with what we’re seeing in the real world.”

According to Saunders, the company’s BlackBerry App World vendor base has grown 157 percent over the past year.

I have been receiving a lot of feedback from developers personally and I can tell you that I am hearing again and again that developers are amazed by how easy it is to work with the BlackBerry 10 tools. They appreciate the open nature of our platform, which allows developers to bring their work and their skills and find a toolset that will work for them. The other thing I hear consistently is that RIM simply treats developers better than anyone else in the mobile industry.

Whether RIM’s developer community is declining or not, we’re still looking at a six month wait until BB10 hits the market. The more important statistic to consider here, as always, is if consumers are actually still interested in what RIM has cooking. We’ll have to wait and see when the OS hits early next year.

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