Nokia re-introduced the Nokia 3310 during Mobile World Congress. While we had heard rumors the phone was going to make an appearance, it was still a surprise hit, stealing a lot of thunder from some of the far more powerful Android smartphones also on display. In my news post, I said I’d probably buy one, given its ~$50 price tag. Maybe not anymore.

CNET was able to do a bit of digging into the phone’s supported wireless bands and it turns out it won’t work in the US. The Nokia 3310 operates on the 900MHz frequency band and only runs on 2G networks. There aren’t any carriers here operating that, which is a bit of a bummer. There’s some good news, though.

But Snake!

HMD, which has the right to sell Nokia-branded devices, is well aware of the device’s sudden popularity. It probably won’t build a US specific model that supports networks here, but who knows? You can still pick one up, by the way, and use it to run things like Snake. Just don’t expect to place phone calls and send texts.