HTC One M9-6

HTC on Monday released its unaudited consolidated results for the second quarter of this year, which includes all sales of the HTC One M9 that made its debut in April, and the numbers aren't pretty.

HTC said it expects to report revenue of NT $33.01 billion ($1.06 billion) with an operating loss of NT $5.14 billion ($166.13 million). HTC didn't provide any additional insight into why it was such a rough quarter. The figures mark a reversal from the $11 million profit it recorded during the first quarter and the $75 million it recorded during the second quarter of last year.

We suspect it's a matter of increased competition from Samsung, Apple and LG, all of which released flagship smartphones this year with higher-end specs. The Galaxy S6, G4 and iPhone 6 all likely had an effect on poor M9 sales. It's also possible that it's expansion into other industries such as portable cameras (the HTC RE) hasn't gone as well as planned.

HTC has already promised another flagship smartphone that will offer a fresh design, and the recent shake up among its executive ranks may help better align it for profits in the future.