LightSquared Satellite

Sprint has repeatedly given LightSquared extensions to gain approval from the Federal Communications Commission to operate its 4G LTE network, but it appears the company's patience is coming to an end. The two companies originally entered a deal in which LightSquared would help Sprint roll-out its own 4G LTE network and that deal is reportedly on the verge of falling apart. Sprint is ready to end the network-sharing agreement, Bloomberg said Wednesday. Sprint last gave LightSquared until March 15th to gain approval, but the FCC has argued that LightSquared's network will interfere with GPS satellites and has said it will not lift a prohibition against the network. To its credit, LightSquared has also said that its LTE system was unfairly tested by those with an interest in the GPS business and at power levels much higher than at which it will actually operate. LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja recently resigned from the company, which is prepared to cut 45% of its workforce, but remains on the company's board.

[via Bloomberg]