Get ready for a new batch of emoji. According to The Guardian, the Unicode Consortium recently approved 72 new emoji that will make their way into a future Unicode 9 update. There are a few good ones included in the batch.

Among the highlights, at least a few that I like the best, are slices of bacon and a glass of whiskey with a few floating ice cubes. That's at least according to the image above, which was a mock-up of the new emoji built by Emojipedia. I also like the little scooter and some of the new animal additions, like the gorilla. The Guardian said a rifle and the "modern pentathlon" were rejected, likely for their references to firearms.

It could take a bit for the new emoji to release. Technically, Android and iOS could have updates prepared to add them as early as June 21, The Guardian said, but it'll be up to Google and Apple to have software ready to roll.