Love the Back to the Future movies? Me too, which is why this deal over in the Google Play Store caught my eye today. You can buy the entire trilogy for just $22, which is, I’d guess, what you would probably spend for a Blu-ray of just one of those movies… unless you’re digging through the dumpster of some torn down Blockbuster.

You’ll get Back to the Future 1, Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III for $22, if you weren’t quite sure how trilogies work. That’s the price for SD – go with HD and you’ll cough up $29.99. Ausdroid spotted it for just $14.99 in SD (that’s mad cheap, yo!), which sounds like it’s even more affordable in select markets outside of the U.S.

And, since it’s the Google Play Store, you can download each movie for viewing offline on any device you own, even on iOS. As Ausdroid notes, it looks like you’ll save at least $8 off of the entire package should you buy each movie individually.

Sounds like a pretty McFly deal to me.