The best trilogy in existence will soon be available to Amazon Prime members, the online giant announced on Wednesday. Either get a membership post haste or borrow a friend’s login, because Back to the Future will stream for free during the month of October; it will also help celebrate the same month Marty McFly went to the future in Back to the Future II (the exact date was Oct. 21, 2015).

This is not only a big deal because the trilogy is such a national treasure, but it also marks the first time these films are available on a subscription streaming service for unlimited viewing. If you have yet to experience the brilliance of Robert Zemeckis’ time-traveling movies, now’s the perfect time to watch them back-to-back. (As an aside, you can also catch the trilogy at some theaters around the U.S. in October if you’re a really die hard fan.)

The Back to the Future movies are the kind of films that bring joy no matter what kind of foul mood you’re in. I’m particularly fond of the first film, and I think the third is grossly underrated. But they’re all great, and if you haven’t seen them, Amazon will be your go-to next month.