Starting today, you can snag the first episode in the five episode Back to the Future game series from Telltale on the App Store for absolutely nothing. If you like the first episode, Telltale has a limited sale for the remainder in the series. Each game normally goes for $6.99, but you can snag them for $2.99 a piece if you buy into them now.

Telltale's take on the Back to the Future universe introduces a new storyline to the franchise's standard set of characters. It's a point-and-click style adventure game that translates perfectly to the iPad's large touchscreen. The games have each been well reviewed by critics and well received by fans of the films.

If you have an iPad and you've never given Telltale's work a shot, download the first episode. The gameplay within it lasts over two hours, and you might find a new type of play that you wind up loving. Telltale's point-and-click titles don't necessarily appeal to everyone, but they are a big hit with fans of the genre.

The games only work on the iPad, so don't bother getting excited if you rock another device.

[via Telltale]