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Back to school season is here, in fact many of you may already be back to school. You’ve just purchased that brand new phone or tablet but are in need of some protective covering. We’ve got you covered, literally.  Check out some of our favorite phone and tablet covers just in time for back to school.

Griffin Survivor

The Griffin Survivor offers a complete line-up of cases for whatever activity that tests your phone’s durability. Griffin Survivor products range from slim, clear or just skins, to shockproof and waterproof cases.  Cases are available for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4.


If the Griffin Survivor is too rugged for your tastes the Griffin Beamhaus line may better fit your palate. Though advertised only for iPhones, iPads and Macbook Airs, you may find that the sleeve products fit with other tablets.  Made of fine leather the interior is lined with soft suede to protect displays while in these casings. As far as iPhone cases/covers/sleeves go you have your options between the Pocket, which is more a combo sleeve-wallet, or you can go the Billfold way, which at a glance looks like a regular leather wallet, but is rather much more.  Instead, if traditional cases are more your style, the Beamhaus Case comes in both tan and black leather with a polycarbonate interior enclosure.  Whichever option you choose, you will certainly be fashionable in your new Griffin Beamhaus case/cover.

 Midtown Wallet

Not to exclude Android friends, Griffin also has the Midtown Wallet for the Motto X and Samsung Galaxy S4.  This combination wallet, case/folio is great to store a few credit cards, an ID and maybe a few bills. The camera lens is unobstructed here so you don’t have to take it out of the sleeve to take pictures.

Watson Wallet (Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 8.0, Moto X, Xperia Z Ultra)

Incipio’s Watson Wallet has got to be one of the most versatile cases available on the market.  It is part wallet, part display cover (vegan leather), all wrapped in a sturdy polycarbonate case.  If you wish to cut down on the size of the case and want to go at sans-folio, you can. Depending on your device, the Watson Wallet is available in black, brown, purple or white with the option of pink or teal band.

Feather (Most Devices, Even Gaming and Laptops)

Feather is Incipio’s ultra thin shell line of cases.  This may be your case of choice if you’re looking for an enclosure with the least bulky option.  It adds the least amount of real estate for full protection. The case is available for iPhone, Galaxy devices, HTC, and many more. Color options and designs vary by model.

Dual Pro (Most Devices)

Incipio has a full line of cases that fall under the “Dual Pro” family. While not as thin as the Feather case, it offers dual protection: a hard cover/frame with a shock absorbing silicone core enclosure. Color options vary by model.


Available for the iPad, iPad mini the Incipio LGND case resembles most flip cases for the iPad family, except for its intriguing folding design.  Best way to describe its contorting configuration is iPad origami.  Though the back panel is a hard shell the front flip is a soft nubuck suede material. And it folds easily for viewing or typing forms. The LGND is available in black, blue (vegan leather), grey, pink (regular or vegan leather) and red.


The Distilunion Wally intrigues me. In fact I’m intrigued with new products that have a dual purpose. That may explain my obsession with phablets. Here you have a wallet, but it’s not like other flip/folio cases on the market, first off, you peel off the adhesive and your phone is now your wallet.  Though the company has a case version running through Kickstarter at the moment. There is a slot where you keep all your cards, pull on the tab to bring out what you need. Most thieves walking by won’t even see the Wally as a wallet.  The Wally is available in Ninja Black or Cowboy Brown for iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5.

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