As the dog days of summer continue into August, that means back to school season is upon us. Students are beginning to make their way back to school and they’ll have to begin their shopping for school related accessories. Be that a computer, headphones or something as simple as a computer dock, there are a ton of great items you can buy.

Since the options are endless, I selected a few products that I think will be great additions in your back to school journey. This specific list is focused on items that will work great with a desk setup. I also tried to keep the budget as affordable as possible, so while some items do eclipse the $100 barrier, most will take it easy on your wallet.

Here are the best tech accessories to customize your desk.

Logitech MX Master 2S

The MX Master 2S is hands down the best mouse you can buy right now. Logitech nailed it with the MX Master; it has a sleek, ergonomic design that looks amazing and software support that completes the experience.

Downloading Logitech Options lets you customize all the buttons the MX Master offers. That plus the 4000-DPi precision sensor that ensures tracking is laser fast and combination between Bluetooth connection (that connects to up to three devices) and USB connector, the MX Master 2S will not fail you.

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Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech has the best mouse and it has the best keyboard as well. The K780 is a unique keyboard that has three available presets to connect to three different devices with the push of a button. Another feature unique to the keyboard is the stand it has at the top, which means you can connect your phone (or tablet) to the keyboard, place it on the stand and seamlessly switch between a computer and secondary device on a whim and still type out a strongly-worded tweet.

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UE WonderBoom

One of the best items you can keep by your desk is a solid speaker and the one you should consider is the UE WonderBoom. The minuscule oval shaped Bluetooth speaker is the smallest offered from UE’s Boom line but don’t judge it based solely on its size. Listening to it will impress you.

More to that, it is portable, waterproof and looks great sitting on your desk. UE keeps things simple with its speakers. The WonderBoom only has four buttons: power, connectivity and the signature plus and minus volume buttons on the side of the speaker. Just in case you want a little added flare, the speaker comes in eleven different colors including Avocado (soft green) and Fireball (vibrant orange).

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OnePlus Bullet Wireless

We’re heading into a wireless life and one of the first steps into this future is earphones. There are countless Bluetooth earphones, but the best bang for your bucks are the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. Following its amazing wired Bullet V2 earphones, OnePlus made a wireless version that again shine brightly.

Essentially a carbon copy of the BeatsX, the Bullet Wireless one-ups those with a cheaper price tag and arguably better sound. Listening habits can be quite subjective, but that being said, reviews glow about the sound quality of OnePlus’ earphones. They’re also equipped with a USB-C port with the ability to fast charge.

Grovemade Laptop Dock

In case you haven’t heard of Grovemade, it is a terrific company that makes some of the best wood-based products. Some of them were made specifically for your desk including the Walnut MacBook Dock (the dock also comes in Maple). The custom made dock is the perfect addition of rustic-ness to any desk set-up. Grovemade custom fits the docks to the specific MacBook model you have ensuring a perfect fit and finish. Also, the wood design is just a great look.

Anker Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are a dime a dozen nowadays, so choosing one just depends on the type of charger you want. I went with a cheap version that doesn’t cost too much and is still super useful. The Anker Wireless Charger is a stripped down charger that’s just a circular pad that will charge your phone dutifully. It has an LED light that lights up when charging and will work with just about any phone that supports Qi wireless charging, including Samsung’s Galaxy phones and Apple’s iPhones.

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Grovemade Walnut Monitor Stand

If you are looking for the perfect monitor stand to complete your desk setup, Grovemade has you covered with the Walnut Monitor Stand. Just like the dock I already included, the stand looks fantastic with its graceful wood finish. It will bring up any monitor to eye level making it easier to stare at a display for hours on end. The stand can hold up to 200 pounds and only takes up minimal footprint, allowing for extra room to put accessories down below.

Nomad Universal Cable

Having tons of tech at your desk means you’ll have to charge a lot of items, which is where Nomad’s Universal Cable comes to good use. It is an all-in-one braided cable that contains a Lightning charger, USB-C charger and microUSB charger, eliminating the need to have multiple cables for the single purpose of charging.

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Google Home Mini

Having a voice assistant on your desk might seem like overkill, but when you can buy one for $30, why not? Google Home Mini is the best at this in my opinion, connecting to Google’s vast array of knowledge, providing a super convenient tool for when you have some burning questions. It also comes with a few color options that will fit in nice with whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

Essential Phone

This one here is more of an add-on, but I believe it’s a worthy one. Since your phone usually is placed on the desk, why not include a phone in the list. I went with the Essential Phone for a number of reasons. First of all, you can pick one up for under $350 right now, which is crazy for a fantastic Android flagship that is only one years old. Plus, it’s still readily getting Android updates—it’s the only non-Pixel device to have received Android Pie—making it a must-buy for anyone looking for a new phone at a low cost.

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