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Hopefully you’re well on your way to picking out your new back to school gadgets, laptop, tablet and more. Maybe you already have those devices from last year, though, in which case you might be more interested in spending the cash from your summer job decking out your dorm room. We’re going to make this a bit more fun, though: let’s see how awesome we can make your dorm room with a new TV, some entertainment pieces, a nice chair and more.

We know your collective budgets probably range all over the place, so we’ll include some products that are affordable, and some higher-end products for those who have a little more money to spend. Ultimately, though, we think any of these products can turn that boring room full of wooden chairs and desks upside down. Let’s get started!

Walker Edison – Soreno L-Shape Computer Desk

If you’re like us, you’re going to despise those wooden desks that come standard in most dorm rooms. Thankfully, most schools let you opt out of using them if you ask them to remove it… and you should because this Walker Edison desk is going to give you a lot more space. If you have the room, take advantage of this L-shaped desk so that you can read your books on one side, and keep your computer on the other. We spent way too much time in college trying to balance a textbook on our lap while typing at a computer on a cramped desk – trust us, it’s not fun when you run out of room and spill that diet coke all over your keyboard.

Toshiba 50L1350U 50-inch LED TV

There are a ton of TVs to choose from, but let’s be honest: if you want your dorm room to be the go-to place for movie nights, then you should probably get the biggest TV for your buck. The Toshiba 50L1350U can be purchased for $599.99, $250 off of its standard price, and provides a 50-inch 1080p LED screen, great viewing angles so people can watch from all over your room, 3 HDMI ports for all of your media, PC video input, and a USB port. It comes with its own stand, but you’ll probably want to mount this bad boy up on a wall… which brings us to our next gadget: the wall mount.

Diamond – Tilting Wall Mount for Most 32″ – 50″ Flat-Panel TVs


You can probably go with most wall mounts that support the weight or size of your TV, but we recommend going with a tilting mount for your room. Why? Because that way you’ll be able to watch movies and TV perfectly when you’re up on your bunk bed, or you can tilt the screen down to a 30-degree angle for viewing more easily from your futon. The Diamond tilting wall mount only costs about $40 and supports TVs weighing up to 130 pounds. We recommend getting a professional to install it just to be safe, though it should be easy to install with some help from friends.

Office Star Furniture – Air Grid Back Chair with Mesh Seat

4 out of 5

Yes, we’re back to complain about the standard dorm room furniture. You do not want to be sitting in a standard wooden chair every single night while you’re working on home work. The Office Star Air Grid Back Chair from Best Buy will set you back a pretty penny, about $150, but you’ll be much more comfortable thanks to its extra cushioning, backs upport, adjustable arms and heavy duty base. You can spend much more on ergonomic chairs if that’s a primary concern, though we’re mostly focusing on comfort here. It also includes a three-year warranty, which should cover you through most of your college visit.

SONOS – PLAYBAR Soundbar Wireless Speaker

We recently tried the SONOS PLAYBAR and fell in love with it. Sure, it’s going to cost more than the TV we recommended, but music is a pretty big part of the college experience when you’re hanging out with friends. You can stream music through your Wi-Fi network, even from iTunes, SiriusXM, Pandora and Spotify, and even more devices, and it can easily mount below your TV on the wall. Plus, with the PLAYBAR you won’t need to wire speakers around the room or worry about getting audio to every corner. Don’t worry about waking up the neighbors: you’ll wake up the entire dorm floor with this guy.

Dyson Desk Fan

Dyson am01 table fan

Maybe you’ll get lucky and have an AC in your dorm room, though we didn’t. That’s why you might want to check out the Dyson desk fan. It’s super quiet, which means you won’t hear an annoying buzz while you’re trying to sleep, and it doesn’t have any spinning blades to get clogged with whatever gross dust particles float around in dorm rooms these days. It comes at a price – about $200 – but it also has a 2 year parts warranty and a 2 year labor warranty. And, when you graduate, it’ll look great on that executive desk you’re planning to buy.

ACTIONTEC ELECTRONICS INC – Powerline Ethernet Adapter and 4-Port Hub


This is a favorite gadget of ours. Most dorm rooms have Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections, which are great, but you don’t need to fumble with super long Ethernet cables to make sure that your Smart TV or PC are plugged in.  We use this around one of our offices: simply plug one end into your router and a power outlet, and then plug the other adapter into a power outlet that’s right near your PC. You’ll be able to run much shorter Ethernet cables, and we’ve been using this particular model for years without any issues.