Inti Creates is back with its long awaited sequel, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, showing off the first gameplay trailer at MAGFest over the weekend.

For those who don’t remember, Azure Striker Gunvolt was a solid run n’ gun indie platformer that rose to prominence on the Nintendo 3DS. It was the first time that Inti Creates developed and published its own release, and it also blasted out of the gate at about the same time that the studio started working on Mighty No. 9

I mean, talk about awkward! Azure Striker Gunvolt launched to really solid reviews and, by all accounts, channels Mega Man with a lot more style and substance than any demo Mighty No. 9 has done yet. And now we’re looking at its sequel while still waiting for the delays on Mighty No. 9 to come to an end!

For all we know, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 might still come out sooner!

In the new game, Gunvolt sports a new design in spite of the gameplay being relatively unchanged. All of the sprites have been retooled, and Inti Creates is looking to put out “the best high-quality game they possibly can.”

More on this exciting sequel when Inti Creates lets us know.