There’s a special place in geek heaven reserved for Star Wars fans. And once you get there, I’m pretty sure the Jedi theme will be evident on every bit of hardware — like on this new Droid-themed Xbox 360 bundle.

It’s like the famous robotic units had little brothers or something. The console features R2-D2’s cute blue-and-white styling, and the wireless controller shows off big brother C-3PO’s familiar gold shine. And there are even custom console sounds fitting the theme.

I’m sure the grown fans of the epic saga must’ve giggled like little schoolgirls when this got unveiled at Comic-Con today. For the $449 price tag, Microsoft‘s also throwing in a white Kinect sensor, 320GB hard drive, wired headset and both Star Wars Kinect and Kinect Adventures games.

Pre-orders opened today (with a fall ship date), so if you’re interested, don’t wait. When it comes to sales, The Force is sure to be strong with this.

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