MOBAs (Multiplayer online battle arena) are all the rage these days. At one point nothing more than a Warcraft III mod, the young genre is growing up quickly and stealing the show from typical online powerhouse genre's like MMORPGs. How far this fad can go has yet to be seen, but there seems to be no shortage of huge releases these days willing to experiment on the formula.

Romino's approach in Awesomenauts puts the strategy game in 2D while adding a dash of 2D platforming. Players control the Awesomenauts, a clan of elite mercenaries who hunt for the spoils of  an unending war robot war between the Reds and the Blues. The goal is simple: to use each character's unique ability to destroy the opposing teams base as a team.

Awesomenauts was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network for $10 earlier this May, but the new trailer, with a rockin 80s montage theme, confirms that the PC and Mac versions will be bringing the hit home to compete with the genre's big boys. Romino gives credit to the fans for making it happen after a ton of requests and emails convinced them to do it.

No specific date is given for the PC release, but the Facebook press release states "within a month" is will be available through Steam. Just not it time for the Summer Sale. The release also states the Mac version will follow shortly.

We interviewed one of the devs behind Awesomenauts, and you can dig that right here.

[via TheVerge]