Just who are the characters in Fantastic Four? Much of the superhero attention will be on Age of Ultron and Ant-Man this summer. But, perhaps against the odds, Fantastic Four might wind up being this year’s sci-fi sleeper hit when it comes out on Aug. 7. To familiarize with the film’s ensemble cast, a series of posters were released on Thursday, showing the different characters in their superhero state.

Directed by Josh Trank, the Fantastic Four reboot is a decidedly darker and more emotional look at the story of four scientists who gain superhuman abilities following an experiment gone wrong.

The cast includes Miles Teller as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara as Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (The Thing). Toby Kebbell is in the villain role of Victor Domashev (Dr. Doom), who turns foe following the accident.

Fantastic Four might fly under the radar for a lot of people later this year, especially considering the first two movies weren’t exactly box office hits. But, from what we’ve seen, the contemporary take could wind up being something special. We’ll have to see when it hits theaters later this summer.