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A recent report suggests that smartphone users in the United States are spending significantly less time playing games on their mobile devices. The report indicates a roughly 36 percent drop in daily mobile gaming time over a single year.

The report comes from Yahoo mobile analytics company Flurry. The company issues annual reports analyzing “time spent on a mobile device by the average American consumer.” The group found that, in 2015, “American consumers spent, on average, 3 hrs and 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices.” That’s 35 percent more than last year.

Flurry was able to sift down into that daily play time, and found that mobile gaming is losing ground while entertainment, messaging and social apps are on the rise. They even put that data into a fancy graphic.

Mobile Gaming Dis

Interestingly, Flurry and Yahoo executive Simon Khalaf writes that this hard decline in gaming time spent on mobile comes because of game streaming services like Twitch.

Millennials are shifting from playing games to watching others play games, creating a new category of entertainment called eSports…

That’s totally possible. I’d argue that another reason for the decline is that most free-to-play games have become insanely reliant on the same wait-to-play formulas. Users are actually made to play in super small stints thanks to recharging energy, thus declining overall daily playtime.

What do you think? Do you spend less time playing games on your mobile devices this year than you did in 2014?